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28 Days to Change

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28 Days to Change - a method to create your personal Prosperity

The latest 28 Day session began on March 30, 2014. The next series will be announced soon.


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Why would it take 28 days to change your life?

28 is just a number that allows for you to create a new habit - a habit of success.

It all starts with your thoughts. Thoughts are "things" - measureable energy that you emit as you think. On an energetic level, like energy attracts like energy. This is what the Universal Law of Attraction is based on and why it says that as you relax and become happier despite what your current circumstances are, you are creating a future filled with more of what your really want.

Also consider all the work available about how important it is to live in the moment. This moment, right now, as you are reading this, you are making decisions and emiting thoughts that are attracting either what you DO want or what you DON'T want. Which do you choose?

Does this mean that you never should think a negative thought? No. Negative thoughts are inevitable. Negative thoughts can help you define what you do NOT want. Hence, they can also help you define what you DO want. Knowing what you want in your life will allow you to quickly get back into the positive so that you are attracting more and more positive than negative.

The 28 Days to Change methodology provides you with tips, tools and techniques to create a new habit of achieving success. There is no magic here. Focus and concentration on a fun future will create a future you enjoy.

It is easier to focus on what you want in life when you are in a group of people that are sharing that same path.

The 28 Days to Change method includes seven lessons that you go through four times, each in a different energy. Each energy promotes different feelings and a different level of understanding of how to change your mind to live a life you love.

Jean McClelland has offered this method for over 10 years and has great success stories she will share as the 28 days progress.

What is included?

You will receive one email each day during the 28 days. The email will arrive around 6pm in the evening with the daily lesson, instructions on meditations, and tips, tricks and tools to use to help your mind to move to your new habit of prosperity.

Each week there will be a conference call (either through Skype or a phone number to call) to ask questions and share stories.

If you are in Dallas, we may have some face-to-face meetings.

The biggest advantage in participating:

Energy is ubiquitous. It's everywhere. It's all the time. You know this because you can think of a person and they will call you. You have a great idea for a new business and soon you start reading that someone else is cashing in on "your" idea. Good ideas FLOAT! When you participate in the 28 Days to Change method, you enjoy all the other people in the group supporting you with their energies of change and well-being. Plus, Jean McClelland is a great energy worker who will hold the energy for the group for the entire 28 days.

How much does it cost?

Well… naturally, I think creating a fun-ner future is priceless! But, an energy exchange will be necessary. The cost of the next series will be announced soon. (Hint - it will be quite affordable.)


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If you would prefer to begin immediately and decide on participation in a class later, start by figuring out what your Personal Prosperity Definition (PPD) is.
Hint: It's probably much more than money!

Click here for more about a PPD.

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