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The Four Energies in The Prosperity Process

I CAN! I WILL! I KNOW. I AM... Yes, you are.amazing, wonderful... a gift.



The Four Energies
of the Prosperity Process

These four energies are used both in 28 Days to Change Method and
the 40 Days to Change Method. (Coming back soon.)

The reason we go through four different energies is to create an easily followed path for ourselves to believe in the change we are seeking. If you are reading this, you probably have a habit - a pattern of energy - that you want to change. Energy is never destroyed which is why it is a challenge to change a habit. The good news is that it can be disrupted and changed.

Yes, some people have the strong will to change in the blink of an eye. Most of us need some time. Pyschological studies have stated that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit. Some say it takes thirty. Hence two different course offerings to cover all basis!

The methods within 28 Days to Change and 40 Days to Change are the same. The lessons are similar. The energies are the these:


The I CAN energy opens new possibilities.

The I WILL energy is a form of commitment to change.  It still puts the change in the future but the change is closer to your reality.

The I KNOW energy begins the internalization of your desired change.  You are acknowledging your power; beginning to allow yourself to live the life you choose.

The I AM energy claims the change in your consciousness, your mindset.  Anchor your new prosperity mindset by claiming it through the power of “I AM”.

How to use these energies

Use the energies in the sequence above. Start with the I CAN energy. Use the words "I CAN" often. Be sure to say them out loud so that your body feels the vibration of the words. Pay attention to how you feel when you say, "I CAN". Consciously choose to believe yourself! Create statements that have truth in them and are positive.

For instance:

  • I can choose to be happy.
  • I can figure out how I am going to succeed.
  • I can feel a little bit better today by concentrating on my breathing.

Once you feel comfortable with this energy, move to the next energy and begin to get comfortable with that energy. Move through all four energies to change whatever habit is no longer serving you.

Once you have moved through all four energies

Once you have become comfortable in all four. Stop working on changing the habit. Just believe in the change. LET GO! Be the different person you intended.


The next 28 Days to Change method begins soon!
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