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About the Center

There are two sides to the Center for Kinetic Change - the"Grow Your Business" side and "Move Your Mind" side.


 What does the future hold? Hmmmm...

Our world - our personal lives, our business lives, even our "stuff" - is all energy and energy is always in motion.

"Kinetic Change" is systemic energy change created by motion. Think of the systems in which we are participants - from human energy systems to corporate business systems. Jean McClelland's Kinetic Change addresses both sides of American life through the common element of the human mind.

The Center for Kinetic Change addresses life questions like:

  • Where is our mind? Is it the same as the brain?
  • How do our thoughts affect the other systems within which we live?

Thoughts are measurable energy. Our thoughts transform into our beliefs and influence our actions. Hence, move your mind in a different direction and you move your life and/or your business moves in a different direction, too!

The Center for Kinetic Change helps people and businesses move their mind(s) to live the lives they love.


The Business Side
...Move Your Mind!

Jean McClelland has a successful corporate career which included being the lead strategist that helped a new filmed entertainment company achieve profitability, global project management for software implementation to Fortune 10 companies and author of numerous business plans for newly formed companies.

In order to be successful in the corporate world, Jean not only learned the processes within the businesses but also used her intuitive senses to find innovative ways to achieve growth.

On the business side of Kinetic Change, that translates to aligning the energies of the participants in the business (owners, employees, contractors) with both their personal goals and the goals of the business. Yes, it can be that way! Contact Jean to find out how or read more at



Throughout her corporate career, it was obvious that how people THOUGHT about their work was integral to how the work was performed. And, naturally, when the work was performed with purpose and enthusiasm, the company progressed faster toward its corporate goals.

Taking the observations further, Jean confirmed what she already knew - people who were happily focused on a goal achieved the goal faster than those without a goal… or without the happiness!. Purpose. Knowledge... Yep... Your PERCEPTION of your life is a key to living a life you love!

How people perceived what they were doing resulted in how happy they were and vice versa. Research into psychological studies and metaphysical principles confirmed the observation. The next task was then obvious. How can people learn to change their perceptions in order to achieve more happiness and thereby fast forward to their definition of success? The results are found in Jean’s new course called “Fast Forward to Success” and is discussed in her blog -

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