Kinetic Change is a systemic change in motion
Open your possibilities like the lotus blossoms.

Gatherings and Services for expanding your capabilities
through systemic change of your human energy system.

Jean McClelland, Founder

Physically near Midway Road and LBJ :: Dallas, TX 75244 :: 214.784.5525
Mailing: PO Box 803294, Dallas, TX 75380

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Jean McClelland has always been a planner - she planned out her life, she has helped others plan their businesses; i.e., she centered her life around planning and manifesting.

Now, she allows the Universe to help with the plans and life is getting easier and easier!

Jean and her colleagues have a continuous discussion on co-creation of lives in general. Some of her dearest friends feel they should completely let go and "Go with the Flow"... Other friends and colleagues hold the exact opposite (more Newtonian physics) view.
The Center for Kinetic Change – systemic energy change – will explore and expand those discussions in many ways.  Some of them will be:

  • Observation of the results of life planning
  • Documentation of business plans and observation of the results of intention
  • Personal healing effects on relationships with work and others
  • Regional/National/Global healing through creation of prosperity energy grids
  • …whatever comes up as an interesting life observation by the participants!

Here are some ways to join in the conversations of the Center for Kinetic Change as it grows and expands!

    • Follow and contribute to the Prosperity Process blog
    • Report on interesting conferences that further the discussion – again on the Prosperity Process blog
    • Attend classes locally or virtually (see Gatherings)
    • Contact Jean McClelland to design a personal life plan or a business plan in conjunction with your values

Current Events

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Wed, June 24, 2015
Tips, Tricks & Tools to Move Stuck Energy

Unity - 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230
Love Offering

Mon, June 29, 2015
Tips, Tricks & Tools to Move Stuck Energy

Private Residence near Midway & LBJ - Register and the address will be sent to you.


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