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Your Personal Prosperity Definition

Many studies show that having a plan allows you to realize you are a success
Define what success means to you so you can realize when you reach it... or something better!



Your Personal Prosperity Definition

Setting goals has always been credited with helping a person to achieve more success. But, once you've set a particular goal, are you tied to it? No. Look for adjacent and even better accomplishments as your life experiences teach you about different possibilities.

A Personal Prosperity Definition is a description of what prosperity means to you plus a set of goals based on your current values. In this case, "values" means concepts or ideals that have meaning to you. Setting goals is a great way to help you know when you have succeeded - even if you set a goal and then enhance your definition as you work toward it.

When you set your goals in alignment with your values, it sets Universal Motion into play so that the goals can be achieved more easily. Being in alignment with your values creates a clear and consistent message to the Universe to support the goal you have set.

Life is big and the possibilities of living a life you love is bigger than you can imagine. In order to begin setting goals aligned with your values, define what prosperity means to you within categories of action - movement of your mind or body within the life you are leading.

The categories used in the Prosperity Process are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Business
  • Relationships

Even though each of these categories can be very large topics, the Prosperity Process Personal Prosperity Definition method helps you describe your ideal cirecumstances and clearly define initial goals.

There are as many ways to define prosperity as there are people. Jean McClelland has prepared an e-book providing one way to define your Personal Prosperity Definition (PPD). Having a Personal Prosperity Definition will enhance your experience in the Prosperity Process (either the 28 Day or the 40 Day version).

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